About us

Altai-Zanddorn is a producer of 100 per cent natural products from Sea buckthorn!


Altai-Zanddorn was found in 2004 by the German and Russian professionals. The company is a real expert in Sea buckthorn processing.

Our products are produced for modern people, who live in the ecologically fragile areas, in stressing environments, and do not keep balanced meal.

The benefit of Sea buckthorn is very big! It possesses not only wound healing properties, but high nutrition profiling. Sea buckthorn oil is often used in cosmetology. Sea buckthorn juice is a perfect vitamin beverage. It compensates vitamin deficit and gives strength.

Today there are a lot of productions where the product of Altai-Zanddorn is in demand: alcoholic beverage industry and food industry (wine, punch, gluhwein, liqueur, vodka, juice, fruit-drinks and etc.), confectionery products (as additives in cheese mass, mayonnaise, sweet butter, margarine, dough, dairy products), dairy industry (yoghurt, kefir, quark), dietary products, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetology (balsams, aromatic oils, massage oils, biologically active additives, phytopreparations, creams, lotions, masks, shampoo, scrubs), baby food.

In the autumn 2012 for the anniversary of Altai Krai we developed the range of the unique products under trademark “Altyn Kel” (“premium” class) based on Sea buckthorn: blends of salad-oil and directly expressed berry juices.


The Altai-Zanddorn program:


  • Concentrated Sea buckthorn oil from fruit pulp

  • De-oiled directly expressed Sea buckthorn juice

  • Sea buckthorn seeds;

  • Sea buckthorn dried pulp— Sea buckthorn berry skins after separation of juice and seeds

  • Blends of salad-oil based on Sea buckthorn oil of trademark “Altyn Kel”

  • Blends of directly expressed berry juices based on Sea buckthorn juice of trademark “Altyn Kel”


Our products have no analogues of equal value at the market, because they are produced using progressive German technologies without chemical reagents from high quality Altai raw material!


Altai-Zanddorn regularly takes a part in specialized exhibitions. Its products were constantly awarded the diplomas and the gold and silver medals.

Наши награды

We are proud of the long-term cooperation with our partners and expand our business cooperation. The high quality of our product is well-known in many parts of the world: Germany, Mongolia, Taiwan, Finland, Armenia, Lithuania, Japan, USA, Poland, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Australia etc.

We are chary of our reputation of the responsible partner and stable company!

We are glad to see you among our partners!



On 21 June 2013 we upgraded our website http://hippophae.ru/!