Sea buckthorn seeds 

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Sea buckthorn seed is a raw material from which seed oil is produced. Seed oil is used for production of different beauty products. Sea buckthorn seeds are separated from fruit pulp at the beginning of the production process keeping the structure and integrity. Seeds are dried in the force-ventilated chamber at 40-45 °С with constant mixing.

Minimum lot quantity: 3000 kg

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Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry (massage oils, biologically active additives, phytopreparations, creams, lotions, masks, shampoo, scrubs).

Dried Sea buckthorn seeds contain from 10 to 13% of Sea buckthorn oil which is famous for its characteristics in the cosmetics industry. It is used in the production of crèmes, masks, shampoo and other products.


Seed oil is valued for high content of vitamin E, it enhances skin nourishment, improves cellular renewal process.

Seed oil is different from oil from fruit pulp in its characteristics and chemical composition. Also worth noting is that classical method for production of Sea buckthorn oil from seeds does not imply its further use for food.


Storage conditions: dry, cool premises at temperatures of 0 to 20°С.

Shelf life expiry date is 24 months.

Packing – PET bags of 20-30 kg.


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