Sea buckthorn dried pulp 

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Sea buckthorn dried pulp is a valuable raw material, it is produced from Sea buckthorn berries during their processing. It is Sea buckthorn skins, oil to the touch with strongly pronounced berry flavour.

Minimum lot quantity: 150 kg

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1. Pharmaceutical industry (biologically active additives, tee);
2. Dietary products (shorts, crisp bread, meal);
3. Confectionery products (as additives in cheese mass, mayonnaise, sweet butter, margarine, dough, dairy products);
4. Cosmetics industry (scrubs, shampoo, creams, body lotions, masks)

How does Sea buckthorn dried pulp differ from Sea buckthorn oil meal?

According to the single source of origin it is the synonyms, according to the other it is the different things. The second sources point up that there are milled Sea buckthorn seeds in oil meal, and there are only berry skins in dried pulp.

Sea buckthorn dried pulp produced by Altai-Zanddorn does not contain Sea buckthorn seeds; they are separated from fruit pulp at the first stage of berry processing and seeds are left intact.

Useful properties of Sea buckthorn dried pulp

Sea buckthorn dried pulp is a high-energy product with big content of carbos, cellulose, protein and ash.

Besides of that dried pulp has anti-oxidant action as well as it contains high concentration of vitamin B group (folic and nicotinic acid) and organic acids (tartaric, apple and amber acids).

Thus Sea buckthorn dried pulp can be used for production of functional food and biologically active additives to enhance their nutritive value.

Even more, dried pulp is used to feed cattle and fowl. 

Storage conditions: dry, cool premises at temperatures of 0 to 20°С.

Shelf life expiry date is 12 months.

Packing – polypropylene bags of 200 kg.


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