Сoncentrated Sea buckthorn oil (bulk bath)

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Concentrated Sea buckthorn oil is a unique natural concentrate of biologically active substances; it is based on polyunsaturated fatty acids. Sea buckthorn oil contains vitamins В1, В2, Р, Е, А, К, tocopherol, stearin, also magnesium, ferrum, cobalt, silicon, aluminium, manganese, boron and other microelements.

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Oily homogeneous liquid without foreign particles. Allowed light precipitation dissolving when heated till +40 °С



Bright red-brown



Fruit, aromatic, rich, typical for fresh sea buckthorn berries


Density at 20 °С, g/cm

0,850 – 0,922


Refractive index (20 °С)

1,466 – 1,477


Water and volatile-matter content, %

Not above 0,30


Acidity index, mg КОН/g

Not above 20,0


Palmic acid С 16:0, %

Not defined


Palmitoleic acid С 16:1, %

Not defined


Stearic acid С 18:0, %

Not defined


Oleinic acid С 18:1, %

Not defined


Llinoleic acid С 18:2, %

Not defined


Linolenoic acid С 18:3, %

Not defined


Content of carotinoid sums (calculated with reference to β- carotin), mg%

Not less 300


Reaction of aqueous extract, рН



QMAFAnM - Quantity of Mesophilic Aerobic and Facultative Anaerobic Microorganisms, ufc/g

Not above 1000


Yeast, mold and yeast-like fungi, ufc/g

Not above 100


Bacteria Enterobacteriacea , in 1 g



Pathogenic staphylococci, in 1 g



Pseudomonasaeruginosa , in 1 g



Toxic elements, mg/kg 





Not above 5,0 

Not above 5,0 

Not above 1,0



less 0,01 

less 0,001

1. Pharmaceutical industry and cosmetology (balsams, aromatic oils, massage oils, biologically active additives, phytopreparations, creams, lotions, masks, shampoo, scrubs)

2. Dietary products

3. Confectionery products (as additives in cheese mass, mayonnaise, sweet butter, margarine, dough, dairy products)

There are two types of oil – from seeds and from fruit pulp. They differ in composition and action of components. The differences can be presented as follows: Sea buckthorn seed oil has mostly an inedible application (pharmaceutical industry and cosmetology). And oil from Sea buckthorn fruit pulp (or juice) is perfect to eat. It means the application of oil from Sea buckthorn fruit pulp is wider than from seeds.


Altai-Zanddorn” specifically produces concentrated Sea buckthorn oil from Sea buckthorn fruit pulp!


The uniqueness of our technology is that the progressive German equipment makes it possible to get oil from Sea buckthorn fruit pulp of the highest quality mechanically. Therefore chemical element extraction is excluded, and the product is 100 per cent natural free from chemical solvents. Our Sea buckthorn oil is a brilliant orange homogeneous liquid with a clearly pronounced flavour of fresh berries.


The curative properties of this oil are that it regulates metabolic processes in the body, possesses cicatrizing effect, analgesic effect and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea buckthorn oil is regarded as an essential agent for frostbite, for burns (thermal, chemical, radial), for vitamin deficiency, gynecological inflammatory diseases, hemorrhoid, sinusitis, pulpits, periodontitis, and tonsillitis. As well as Sea buckthorn oil is often used as adjunct for gastritis.


Apart from external use Sea buckthorn oil is famous for its nutritional properties. It is used in the food production for improvement in the quality and bioactivity of production. Such products reinforce the immune system, regulate body's chemistry, increase irradiation tolerance, lower blood cholesterol levels.


Carotinoid content (Provitamin A):

451-600 mg%

371-450 mg%

301-370 mg%

200-300 mg%


Storage conditions: dry, cool premises at temperatures of 0 to 20°С.

Shelf life expiry date of oil for cosmetic purposes is 24months.

Shelf life expiry date of oil for the production of biologically active additives is 12 months


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