Directly expressed Sea buckthorn juice (bulk bath)

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Sea buckthorn is rich in natural vitamins and microelements. Rich, nutritional composition, fine aroma and full flavor make this juice essential for production of functional food.

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Date in the inspection lot

Taste and aroma

Natural, well-defined, typical for given type of berries after cooking. Not allowed foreign flavor and smell



Typical for fruit colour





Dry soluble solids weight ratio

Minimum of 7,0


Titratable acid weight ratio (expressed as apple acid), %

1,5 – 2,5


Alcohol by weight, %

Maximum of 0,5


Weight concentration of hydroxy methylfurfurol, mg/ dm³

Maximum of 20


Foreign substances

Not allowed


Impurities of plant origin

Not allowed


Mineral impurities

Not allowed


Toxic elements, mg/kg 






Maximum of 0,4

Maximum of 0,2

Maximum of 0,03

Maximum of 0,02



Less than 0,03

Less than 0,01

Less than 0,005

Mycotoxins, mg/ kg


Maximum of 0,05

Less than 0,01

Radionuclides, Kb/ kg

Cesium – 137

Strontium - 90


Maximum of 40

Maximum of 30


Less than 0,81

Less than 1,16

Pesticides, mg/ kg

HCCH (isomers)




Maximum of 0,05

Not allowed

Not allowed


Less than 0,004



1. Pharmaceutical industry and cosmetology (balsams, aromatic oils, massage oils, biologically active additives, phytopreparations, creams, lotions, masks, shampoo, scrubs)

2. Dietary products

3. Confectionery products (as additives in cheese mass, mayonnaise, sweet butter, margarine, dough, dairy products)

4. Alcoholic beverage industry and food industry (wine, punch, gluhwein, liqueur, vodka, juice, fruit-drinks).

Relatively recently in Russia we have not used modern technologies for the production of sea buckthorn juice industrially. Only in 2004 the high-quality production appeared, it provides domestic and foreign enterprises with 100% of natural and eco-friendly de-oiled directly expressed Sea buckthorn juice.

How useful is Sea buckthorn juice?

Directly expressed Sea buckthorn juice is source of vitamins and other nutrients which bolster our immune system, maintain the organism resistance to different inflammatory and oncological diseases, stimulate waste removal, lower blood cholesterol levels, raise Hb level.

Phenol compounds reduce capillary permeability, bolster vessel walls. Active substances prevent destruction of vitamin C, therefore juice has antioxidant characteristics.

Storage conditions: dry, cool premises at temperatures of 0 to 20°С.

Shelf life expiry date is 12 months.

Packing – by hot filling, in the aseptic Bag-in-Box bags that are located in metal drums. One bag size is 200 L. The given packing keeps vitamins and juice has no need of conservation.

Juice can be packed: 2 L, 3 L, 10 L.


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