Altai-Zanddorn product catalogue

Concentrated Sea buckthorn oil is produced from Sea buckthorn pulp on the unique German equipment using the latest technologies. In our production we do not use the extraction methods and press extrusion also any chemical agents (reagents). As a result our product 100 per cent consists of only Sea buckthorn oil and it is a homogeneous liquid with a clearly pronounced aroma of fresh berries. Carotinoid content is 200 – 600 mg%.


Sea buckthorn oil is packed in the aseptic Bag-in-Box bags that are located in metal drums. One bag size is 200 L (180 kg)


We process only fresh harvest berries. During no more than 5 hours after harvesting berries move into a pulper, as a result of which juice and fruit are separated. Juice is de-oiled, pasteurized during 30 second at 90 °С. Through careful processing and aseptic fill in the aseptic Bag-in-Box bags juice saves all vitamins (А, С, В1, В2, В6, Е, F, Р, К) organic acids, nonreplaceable amino acids, microelements; as well as appearance, taste, colour and flavor conform fresh berries. Juice is a raw material for the companies that produce juices, as well as it is used in confectionary, cosmetic and perfumery industries.